Bath and North East Somerset Allotment Association

Our group meets six times a year at Manvers Street Baptist Church.

Our group is suitable for beginners.

Our annual subscription is £6.50.

Our group works to promote the establishment and care of allotments in the Bath and North East Somerset area.

The Association’s Objectives are: ♦ To promote the establishment and use of land in the Bath & North East Somerset area as allotments and to conduct negotiations with the local authority and private landowners to that end ♦ To promote the gardening interests of members and take action to protect members against damage, nuisance, trespass and theft ♦ To obtain a supply of seeds, fertilisers, goods and other horticultural equipment and sundries on behalf of members at as competitive a price as possible ♦ To encourage members to garden in whatever way they choose so long as they do not disrupt other plot holders on their site ♦ To co-operate with other gardening associations in matters of mutual interest ♦ To promote the health and activity benefits of allotment gardening ♦ To promote knowledge of wildlife and to enhance appropriate biodiversity.