Healthy Communities

Healthy communities

Gardening and growing is good for us all! It is good for our physical and mental health, for reducing stress and helping to tackle challenging behaviour. It can also help to build confidence and develop a range of employability skills.

HSBC Growing Champions

HSBC’s new head office at No1 Centenary will have 2 Garden Organic designed terraces for staff and visitors to enjoy. Garden Organic will also train a cohort of staff to care for their new gardens and to encourage them to make them inspirational places to get more of their colleagues gardening and growing organically.

Food poverty: Southwark, London

The Garden Organic Food Poverty Project: 'Southwark, London' works with families on low incomes who live in the most deprived areas of the London Borough of Southwark. The projects works with families who are at risk of food poverty, or who have accessed a food bank in the past. Master Gardeners, trained by Garden Organic, teach a variety of organic growing techniques in order to support residents throughout the growing season. The Master Gardeners discuss the benefits of "growing your own" food with new growers, offer organic horticultural advice and ensure new growers have access to the information and resources they need.

Growing Buddies: Golding Homes

Growing Buddies improve the health and well-being of Golding Homes residents by encouraging them to try food growing at home or in community spaces. The project arose from a successful partnership between Garden Organic and housing association Golding Homes to create an organic community garden on an estate in Maidstone, Kent.

Rye Hill Prison Garden Project

The Rye Hill Garden Project is delivered by Garden Organic’s Master Gardener programme team, and works in conjunction with Substance Misuse Services (SMS) and G4S, which operates the prison, and is funded by Public Health England (Northamptonshire).

Sowing New Seeds

Sowing New Seeds captures, preserves and disseminates the skills for growing multicultural crops. It has built a resource of knowledge and seeds and brought diverse communities together through growing and cooking.

Master Composters

A network of supported volunteers around the UK who promote composting at home, at the allotment and in their workplaces. Volunteers not only encourage people to start composting, they will also offer advice and support to encourage people to continue composting and to make use of the wonderful end product.

Master Gardeners

Our Master Gardeners support individuals to grow food in their gardens, allotments, windowsills, workplaces and other community growing spaces. This brings a wide variety of health benefits as individuals get more exercise, eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, and food miles are reduced.

Let's Waste Less Worcestershire

A partnership approach utilising education and community engagement, Let's Waste Less is a Worcestershire County Council campaign to reduce waste across the county and Garden Organic has been contracted to recruit, train and coordinate volunteers to raise awareness of this topic.

Give it a grow

If you've not grown anything before then now is the time! We're encouraging everyone to 'give it a grow' and grow something tasty you can eat.

Orchard Champions

A project delivered in partnership with The Three Counties Traditional Orchards Project to raise awareness about traditional orchards in local communities. Our volunteers offer support to people who own or manage traditional orchards by offering advice and encouragement for their restoration.