Building Soil Health Webinar

Online webinar
Wednesday, 28 September 2022 -
10:00am to 12:30pm

Most of us realise that if we wish to create a healthy and productive garden then maintaining healthy soil is essential. However, with climate change bringing more extremes of weather, building a degree of resilience into your soil is more important than ever. 

Our webinar will examine what makes healthy soil and how to evaluate it within your own growing space. Healthy soils are the basis for healthy plants and the building block for any organic garden. We will consider methods for testing it in your own gardens or growing spaces and will also discuss the practical steps you can take to improve your soil using organic methods such as composts, green manures, and no dig methods.

Topics covered:

  • Learn the importance of healthy soil in a garden and global context
  • Understand the essential nutrients needed for plant growth and how to source them from organic materials
  • Learn how to assess your soil and how this influences your growing space
  • The benefits of no dig systems and how to establish them
  • The benefits of green manure plants and how to use them in your garden

You will need to bring:
A sample of soil (2 dessert spoons) from your food growing space
a glass jar (2/3 full of water) with a lid, to test the texture of your soil.

This is required if you would like to take part in a soil texture test. We will do a soil texture test, and compare the results online!

Skill level: Beginners

About your course Leader: Anton Rosenfeld
Anton has been with Garden Organic for over 15 years. His work has ranged from projects with commercial field-scale growers to small-scale community gardens and allotments. He regularly writes for Grow Your Own and Kitchen Garden magazine and has a passion for soils, composting, and growing veg from a wide range of cultures.

Our webinar will have an informal, relaxed learning environment with plenty of opportunity for interaction. We will provide a complete set of notes, handouts, and a link to the webinar in advance of the date and time it is due to take place.

Booking a place: 

Places are limited and are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact us for more information and to reserve a place. Alternatively, book a place or register your interest online.

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024 7630 3517