May podcast - No Mow May and the glorious Gower

The Organic Gardening Podcast, with Chris Collins, Sue Kent and Fiona Taylor

Join new presenter, Garden Organic CEO Fiona Taylor, as she shares her love for the month of May with Chris. We learn about what first started Fiona's interest in gardening, plus Chris shares his tips for lawn care, pest management and pricking out.

Chris takes a trip to visit long-term Garden Organic member and BBC Gardeners World presenter, Sue Kent. The pair spend a joyous afternoon sharing their love of gardening, exploring Sue's idyllic tiered garden on the Gower Penisula, and hearing how Sue adapts her garden and gardening methods to her own individual requirements.

In the postbag the team explore the pros and cons of gro bags, contenting with carrot fly, dealing with aphids on indoor plants and uncover just how worms find their way into your compost bin!

Voted Podcast of the Year 2020 by the Garden Media Guild, The Organic Gardening Podcast is an entertaining, accessible and practical guide to organic growing for experts and beginners alike. Listen and subscribe via your usual podcast provider (Apple Podcasts, Spotify etc) or download here.

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Monday, 25 April 2022