Blast off for Rocket seeds!

Rocket Science growing project

Arc School in Nuneaton is taking part in The Rocket Science Experiment for The RHS Campaign for School Gardening and The European Space Agency, as part of Garden Organic's Growing Enterprise social and therapeutic horticultural project at Ryton Organic Gardens.

In September 2015 4kg of Rocket seeds were sent up to the International Space Station where they experienced zero gravity conditions for 6 months. The seeds then returned to Earth where they have been packaged up in either ‘Red’ or ‘Blue’ packets. The aim of the experiment is to determine the effect that travelling in Space might have had on the seeds.

The Rocket seeds were sown on 19th April and the pupils are now growing the seeds in a carefully controlled experiment at Ryton Organic Gardens, supported by Garden Organic Horticultural Therapist, Elaine Hibbs.

We'll keep you updated on the progress of the mission!

Wednesday, 20 April 2016