Bringing heritage varieties "Back from the brink."

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The Heritage Seed Library growing season is well underway, including our annual growing trials of potential little gems to add to our collection. 

This year at Ryton, we are trialling four re-discovered heritage varieties to check for health, cross-pollination, and description. We are now at the stage where we can take measurements and images to evaluate their progress. These include:

  • Rhondda Black runner bean, a black-seeded and long-podded variety developed as a show bean over 50 years ago and has been grown in the Rhondda Valley ever since. 
  • Histon Cropper tomato, an ex-commercial variety that is no longer available to buy. We are looking forward to testing it as the description is as follows: "Tasty and dwarf producing high yields of small to medium fruits. It's blight resistant and early with good flavour". We'll keep you posted! 

Once secured in the library, these will be maintained as a living collection, supported by our Seed Guardians, and eventually shared with our members when we have sufficient seed. Each conserved variety helps counter the continuing decline in biodiversity and builds resilience in our food system as an open-pollinated seed. 

If you are interested in supporting our trials – Please help by making a donation here to assist us with the cover costs of materials such as compost or if you would like to sponsor an entire trial, then please get in touch with our fundraising team via email:

Wednesday, 7 July 2021