one man and his organic plot -all things small and great

One man and his organic plot - all organic gardens great and small

As more and more of us live in flats or residences with small gardens, it’s important to think of inventive ways to both grow food and keep in touch with nature. Size needn’t be a barrier to fruitful organic and sustainable growing...

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Dalefoot compost

Dalefoot composts are proud sponsors of our 2022 growing season

We are pleased to announce that we are teaming up with Dalefoot Composts, makers of peat-free compost-based in the Lake District and certified for organic growing by The soil Association.

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‘Recipe for Regeneration’ International Compost Awareness Week 2022 

From the UK, US, Canada, Europe, Ireland and Australia, organisations such as ourselves are working together to celebrate International Compost Awareness Week, highlighting recycling food waste for home compost use.

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organic gardening podcast

May podcast - No Mow May and the glorious Gower

Join Garden Organic CEO Fiona Taylor, as she shares her love for the month of May with Chris. We learn about what first started Fiona's interest in gardening, plus Chris shares his tips for lawn care, pest management and pricking out. Chris takes a trip to visit BBC Gardeners World presenter, Sue Kent. The pair spend a joyous afternoon sharing their love of gardening, exploring Sue's idyllic tiered garden on the Gower Penisula.

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Garden Organic 'Small Space - Big Ideas' garden

'Small Space - Big Ideas' garden to feature at BBC Gardeners World Live

We are delighted to be bringing a garden to this year’s BBC Gardeners’ World Live Show, taking place at the NEC Birmingham from 16-19 June. The garden has been designed by the charity’s Gardens team led by Head Gardener Emma O’Neill, alongside Chris Collins, Head of Organic Horticulture and former Blue Peter gardener. The ‘Small Space – Big Ideas’ garden will show how a productive and biodiverse organic oasis is accessible to all growers, regardless of the size of their growing area.

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Exploding Aphid Hunt 2022

Exploding Aphid Hunt

We have been running members' experiments for over 60 years. Thanks to the participation of our Garden Organic members across the UK, we have used information gathered in gardeners' back yards and allotments to further organic growing knowledge and practice. 

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Triodos - We must invest in nature to reach net zero.

We must invest in nature to reach net zero

Triodos Bank has set an ambitious target of reaching net-zero emissions by 2035. This doesn’t only apply to the emissions produced by their offices and travel, but also includes the climate impact of the organisations they support through lending and investing. Triodos aims to reduce emissions, whilst also considering biodiversity and the social inclusion of all people.

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London councils risking health by spraying cocktail of toxic pesticides

New information gathered by PAN UK reveals that local authorities in London are using twenty-two potentially harmful chemicals to remove weeds on the capital’s streets, parks and playgrounds.

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Ban on metaldehyde slug pellets finally comes into force

We're pleased that a ban on the use of metaldehyde slug pellets has finally come into force. Metaldehyde has long been recognised as posing an ‘unacceptable’ risk to birds and mammals.

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One man and his plot April 2022

One man and his organic plot - let the sowing season begin!

Chris is back with his popular monthly blog and this month he is busy seed sowing, and he reminds us how much growth an allotment will put on over a season, all from something he could have held in one hand at the beginning of the season.

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