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Mailing of our members’ magazine, The Organic Way

As an organisation we aim to keep our use of non-renewable resources, such as plastic, as low as possible in accordance with our Principles of Organic Gardening. It’s for this reason that we always have to make a tricky decision when finalising the mailing of our members’ magazine, The Organic Way.

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Plastics in the garden

In principle, organic growing uses non-renewable resources, such as plastic, as little as possible. However, any gardener encounters plastic at some stage, from pots to wheelbarrows and waterbutts. We discuss different types of plastic, and how to be mindful of the amount you use.

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The truth about pesticide use in the UK

Claims are often made that pesticide use is reducing in the UK. Usually by those in the pro-pesticide camp to support their argument that there is no need for stricter regulation. But does this really hold up under close scrutiny?

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Ryton Gardens update - March 2018

Please find below an update sent to Garden Organic members in March with the Spring/Summer issue of The Organic Way.

Dear Member,

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Government urged to commit to expanding organic food and farming to ensure a Green Brexit

The English Organic Forum, of which Garden Organic is a member, has written to Michael Gove highlighting that the UK is lagging behind its major European competitors in the development of organic food and farming.

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Garden Organic and PAN UK working together

Garden Organic, the country’s leading organic growing charity, and PAN UK (Pesticides Action Network UK), the only UK charity focused on tackling the problems caused by pesticides, are pleased to announce their close working relationship. Both organisations actively campaign to promote safe and sustainable alternatives to pesticides. 

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One man & his organic plot

One man & his organic plot is back for a new season!

One man and his organic plot has returned for another season. Chris will be on hand delivering his advice throughout the season. He'll guide us through his growing projects and will be keeping us updated on the progression of his much loved allotment.

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Cumbria Master Composter team

Cumbria composting project gets green light to grow

We are delighted to announce that our award-winning Master Composter project has just been granted a year’s extension to branch out into new regions of Cumbria.

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Additional Xylella control measures introduced

Additional measures to control the disease Xylella fastidiosa came into effect on March 1st throughout the EU.

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Are you composting your tea bags?

Tea leaves are a good addition to the compost heap.  However, tea bags are not. We have updated our advice on composting tea bags, with the knowledge that most bags include very small amounts of plastic.

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