Autumn brings a change in weather to the allotment

Despite spending very little time on the allotment due to the torrential rain, Lucy has found plenty to keep her entertained indoors, including, discovering what the rather unusual Achocha vegetable looks like.

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Sharing is caring, so we are told...

Lucy had some visitors on the allotment last weekend and it turns out that she was forced to share her space and precious harvest with some hungry wildlife...

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Preparing your organic garden for winter

When nights get longer than days (after the autumn equinox) it’s time to prepare your growing area for winter.
Grab those last few sunny days, embrace the chill and relish the chance to get outside. Find out more about a few jobs you need to be doing now, to start your preparation.

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organic gardening podcast

October podcast - the perfect autumn listen

This month's podcast brings a bumper harvest of the best autumn jobs in the garden. Plus a serious look at pesticides.

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On the harvest front

Lucy has been extremely busy these last couple of months, however, that hasn't slowed her down! She is still finding time to harvest and enjoy the produce with her family. But, that's not all, find out what Lucy plans on planting under a full moon next month...

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Banning metaldehyde for the second time...

The use of slug pellets containing metaldehyde will be banned in 2022. It's the second time, but this time it's for good.

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Colours of the rainbow

It has been another busy week of harvesting, cooking and seed saving for Lucy and her family, but that doesn't mean she has become complacent in her gardening duties, quite the opposite in fact...

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One small step can make a difference - join us for Organic September 2020

One small step can make a difference - join us for Organic September 2020.
We're excited to celebrate being organic and work with nature to ensure a better future for us all. Follow us all month as we provide you with simple affordable changes you can make to Go Organic as every small action can make a difference for our world.

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bee organic gardening

Can bumble bees be good gardeners?

Sometimes bumble bee queens emerge from hibernation too early for flowering plants, which provide them with pollen. Research has shown they have an intriguing way of moving things on.

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Time for a tidy

With September here, Lucy has made time to tidy up the beds on her allotment ready for Autumn, between de-weeding and dismantling frames she has still found time to carefully dry the pre-accession seeds ready to be sorted along with the other contestants for our Heritage Seed Library...

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