Neonics - UK to back ban says Gove

Michael Gove, Minister for the Environment, has committed the UK to backing a ban on bee-harming pesticides. "Where there is evidence that human activity is contributing to pollinator decline, we have a duty to act. Among the potential threats to pollinators are neonicotinoids, a type of pesticide." He writes "the UK will be supporting further restrictions on neonicotinoids. Unless the evidence base changes again, the government will keep these restrictions in place after we have left the EU."

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Xylella fastidiosa. What is it?

What is Xylella? Is it a risk for British plants?

Xylella fastidiosa is a bacterium that lives in the plant’s ‘xylem’ (water channels). It causes disease by restricting or blocking the water and nourishment from travelling throughout the plant - thus causing the plant to rapidly wilt and die from lack of water. Variants of the bacterium have been detected as far apart as Brazil, the US, Italy and Germany. It could well be on its way to Britain.

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Glyphosate decision delayed by EU Commission

After Tuesday's vote in the EU parliament to limit the glyphosate licence for just 5 years, the EU Commission was expected to ratify this decision the day after. Instead, they failed to take a vote.

This delays the final decision on extending the licence for glyphosate, due to run out at the end of the year.

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EU lawmakers demand five-year phase out of weedkiller glyphosate

The European Parliament called on Tuesday for weedkiller glyphosate to be phased out in the next five years, prompting the European Commission to drop its proposal for a 10 year licence extension.

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Southwark gardeners

Southwark residents invited to learn how to grow their own organic food

Garden Organic is launching a series of free workshops for Southwark residents as part of the charity’s Southwark Food Poverty project.

The workshops, taking place throughout November and December, focus on different aspects of organic food growing and include; The £10 Garden, for those on a tight budget; Vertical Veg, exploring how to make the most of a small growing space; and Cutting Edge Veg, covering how to grow veg from other countries.

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2018 courses at Garden Organic

NEW courses for 2018

We're delighted to announce our new course listing for 2018. Next year will see the introduction of brand new and exciting courses topics, including Organic Ornamentals and Creating a small organic garden, as well as a selection of evening courses.

Our courses prove to be very popular and spaces are limited, so early booking is recommended. You may want to consider booking one as a gift or Christmas present, ideal for that budding gardener in your life. Remember! Garden Organic members receive reduced prices for courses.

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Research reveals worrying levels of glyphosate in Europe's soils

A new research study shows that nearly half of Europe’s top soil contains glyphosate residues, demonstrating the persistence of this harmful herbicide chemical. Soil samples in the UK were some of the most polluted. Next week, the EU parliament will vote on whether to relicense glyphosate.

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Abel and Cole - How to eat brilliantly

How to eat brilliantly with Abel & Cole

We've teamed up with Ebury Publishing and Abel & Cole to offer you a range of scrumptious recipes from their new cookbook - How to Eat Brilliantly Every Day. This inspiring book contains a range of tasty organic recipes suitable for all the family!

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Diary of a seed saver

Diary of a seed saver

Seed Guardian Adam Alexander shares the secrets of his year of successful seed saving.

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One man & his plot - Part 7

One man & his organic plot - Part Seven

‘Bumper crop’ is a good couple of words to start my blog this month and to conclude a bit of a whirl wind season as far as my own gardening efforts are concerned. I must admit, even for a man that has gardened for over three decades, I felt proud of my efforts on the allotment this year. For ground not gardened on for a few years and full of the dreaded horsetail, once I cropped its last big gift of grub, I felt a wee ‘well done’. So rewarding, both in the earth and on the dinner table. I will also sneak in, the small but important fact that it was all done organically!

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