Ryton Gardens update January 2018

In September 2017, Garden Organic wrote to all members to announce that the running costs of our base at Ryton were limiting our ability to reach our full potential, and we would be exploring a number of options for the site that are in the best interest of the long-term future of the charity.
Lawn and flower bed at Ryton gardens

A copy of the letter, which was sent to members with the Autumn/Winter issue of The Organic Way, can be downloaded below.

We are still exploring all possible options that will release the financial pressure that comes with owning and managing the land and buildings, and as part of this process the site is being marketed by property advisors.

In the future we want to make sure we can take our message to more people, communities and schools than ever before, and invest more resources in projects that will have the biggest impact.

We will continue to keep members informed about our plans for Ryton and anyone with any questions should email questions@gardenorganic.org.uk.

Download the original letter here