Ryton Organic Gardens

  • Last updated: 22 November 2022
Please see the following statement from James Campbell, Chief Executive, Garden Organic:
Ryton garden in June

“For 60 years Garden Organic has sought to protect the rich, interdependent, diverse life that makes up our gardens and growing spaces. Since moving to Ryton in 1985, the challenges and opportunities we face have changed enormously. In that time, organic growing has become more mainstream and there are now more opportunities to see this in practice across the country.

“As we look to the future we want to take our message to more people, communities and schools than ever before. If we are to do this, then now is the time for us to change. In recent years, it has become clear that the running costs of our home at Ryton are limiting our ability to operate to our full potential.

“That is why Garden Organic has decided to look at options for its Ryton site that are in the best interest of the long-term future of the charity. We are exploring all possible options for the site that will release the financial pressure that comes with owning and managing the land and buildings.

“This will allow us to invest more of our time and money in projects that will have the biggest impact and reach the most people. We hope to take Garden Organic into a new era that will allow us to deliver our vision of a healthy and sustainable world that has embraced organic growing and ensure we can continue to take its message to communities across the country for another 60 years.”

We have notified members via a covering letter with The Organic Way, and we will continue to provide updates via The Organic Way and our website.