Spring is in the air for our horticultural therapy groups

Horticultural therapy at Garden Organic - Ryton Organic Gardens

The weather is slowly beginning to warm here at Ryton Organic Gardens which means that our therapeutic horticulture groups can start getting back out into the garden to prepare for spring and another busy growing season.

Elaine Hibbs, Horticultural Therapist and Education Officer says: “Important tasks this month have been looking after the lawns, by scarifying out the moss and thatch to let the grass flourish and thicken up. Some of the moss that we collected up has been made into little pouches and bundles to hang in the trees to help our garden birds when they forage for nesting materials. We have made and hung up new nest boxes around the garden, and checked inside our old ones to remove any old nesting material which could contain nasty bacteria and mites which pose a danger to baby birds."

School students have been enjoying finding out about vegetable families and crop rotation which will help us to keep our growing plot healthy by ensuring that diseases won’t be building up in the soil.

Elaine continues: “Seed planting has also begun in earnest with many seeds being able to go straight into the garden, or ‘direct sown’. Others, likes our tomatoes, peppers and aubergines are happily in the conservatory where it’s a bit warmer overnight! It’s a lovely time of year in the garden, with the early flowers blooming, birds nesting, bees buzzing and ladybirds stirring, you can definitely feel spring in the air.”

Monday, 21 March 2016