Exciting news from the Heritage Seed Library...

HSL Seed campaign 2018

We’re currently putting the final touches to the 2018 Heritage Seed Library (HSL) seed list. With 158 varieties available in total, including a record 19 new, this year is looking set to be one of the best yet!
From Dobbie's Purple Beetroot to the Beryl Broad Bean and St.George Cauliflower, there really is something for everyone. And what makes these seeds unique is that they are exclusive to our Heritage Seed Library and our members.
So whether you're a seasoned gardener or a complete beginner, you can enjoy the benefits of growing vegetable varieties from our seed library. By growing HSL seed, you will be:
  • supporting the conservation of unusual vegetable varieties for future generations
  • increasing biodiversity in your garden
  • able to save your own seeds from one generation to the next; our open-pollinated varieties, unlike F1 hybrids, will come true-to-type year after year
  • helping to maintain genetic diversity within vegetable crops, which may be useful to the plant breeders of the future

Worried that you don't have time to join? Don't - there's still time to become a member of the Heritage Seed Library before this year’s list is published. You'll receive your HSL list in December, to pick your six varieties and a seventh lucky dip choice.
Garden Organic members can join the Heritage Seed Library for just £1.50 a month. To join, simply click here or email our membership team and we’ll be in touch to get it set up.
If you're not a Garden Organic member you can join here and add your Heritage Seed Library membership at the same time.
Monday, 16 October 2017