School Visits

Ryton Organic Gardens offers a great opportunity for an educational day out for schools in Warwickshire and the West Midlands. The practical experience in the great outdoors enhances school projects, bringing the curriculum alive as pupils learn through organic gardening and nature.

We have a wide range of activity boxes which can be used by school groups, including:

  • Compost Boxes to look at the lifecycle of materials, what can be put in the compost bin and the science behind the composting process.

  • Energy Boxes to investigate temperatures and light in the garden, its effect on life and learn more about photosynthesis.

  • Habitat Boxes to explore the organic gardens and discover the many habitats which exist and learn how animals and insects use these habitats to survive. Pupils can also get creative and design the ideal habitat.

  • Food Growing Boxes to learn more about seasonal foods and sustainability and how to deal with diseases and pests organically.

  • Seed Dispersal Box to discover the array of shapes, colours, sizes and textures of seed around the gardens. Take some time to look at these, find out why they have their design and get inspired to design your own.

  • Soil Investigation Box to learn about different types of soil, how soil is made up and what you can find deep underground.

We’d also love you to bring in some of your school’s soil, so we can show you all how to analyse it.

We can deliver these activities for you or they can be self-led - we’ll run through how to use the boxes with you before you visit.

Why not combine a visit with a self-led tour of the gardens? where pupils can learn more about organic gardening on the Garden Organic Discover! Organic trail.

You can download our booking form below.