Terry Marshall


14 Ghyllwood Drive
West Yorkshire
BD16 1NF

Telephone number: 
01274 567550

I have grown tomatoes most of my life, both privately and commercially. I have grown them entirely organically since 1973 and I aim to have home grown fruit from the end of April until the following new year. I grow 30-40 varieties inside and outdoor, trialling new and old varieties suitable for outdoor growing in the North as weather conditions change. I have written exclusively for ‘Organic Gardening’ and ‘Kitchen Garden’ magazines and have been speaking to gardening groups across the North of England since 1986, offering tastings during the season. I am author of ‘Tomatoes’ available from the Organic Garden catalogue, which details the history and development of the tomato plant with a range of growing methods to yield bumper crops. The book also covers the characteristics, taste, and growing details of 100 illustrated varieties. Also still available is the handbook of organic tomato growing, ‘Organic Tomatoes the Inside Story’ from the above address at £6 including postage. Why tomatoes? Because the tomato plant offers us more mineral and vitamin rich plant fresh fruit, over a longer season than any other plant that we can grow.

Talk topics: 

1. Organic Tomatoes 2. An introduction to Organic Gardening 3. Greenhouse design for the future, and making the most of the one you have 4. Tomato pests, diseases and disorders Each of my talks are all fully illustrated with around 100 slides

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