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Who we are

Adam Alexander

Adam has had a distinguished career as a producer of observational and narrative documentaries and is a skilled story-teller.

He has produced television programmes about food, gardening and his long-form work has observed cultural life from Russia to Tibet, the Middle East, Africa and throughout Europe.

With a Rudolph Steiner education, Adam has been an organic grower from childhood. He ran a market garden in Devon in the late seventies but soon realised that growing for pleasure rather than as a living meant an easier life.

His work as a filmmaker has enabled him to travel the world and build a large library of rare, endangered, native and heirloom vegetables. Today, his work focuses on the conservation and preservation of the genetic diversity of edible crops, most specifically from regions of the world where conflict and the impact of changing farm practices is threatening the survival of local varieties.

He's in demand as a speaker and gives lectures and talks, entertaining gardeners and food professionals about his work as a seed detective, his adventures in far-flung corners of the globe and the stories behind the seeds he's discovered. Adam has experience as a Trustee, having spent many years as one for the Charles Lord Denton Almshouses.

He brings to Garden Organic a wealth of strategic expertise as a content creator and a proven track record in raising brand awareness and communications.

Alexander Adam