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Create a Climate Resilient Garden - Thurs 30th May

Thursday 30 May 2024
10:00am - 3:00pm
Gardening and growing Climate change gardening
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If you want to ensure your growing activities are climate proof, this is the workshop for you. Anton Rosenfeld will help you boost the resilience of your garden and reduce its environmental impact.

What you will learn

  • How to make sustainable plant feeds and fertilisers.
  • Advice on growing green manures to generate soil fertility.
  • Ways to source and use sustainable peat-free composts.
  • Sustainable use of tools and natural resources within the garden.
  • Ways to build resilience into your plant choices.

Session overview

In our enthusiasm to grow, gardening can become a resource intensive pastime, relying heavily on inputs such as bagged compost, shop-bought fertilisers and plants that demand a lot of watering. In this hands-on workshop, Anton will examine how to reduce the environmental impact of your gardening by looking at recycled materials, sustainable sourcing and making your own growing media. He will share how to adapt your growing practices to make them resilient to changing weather patterns and provide advice on your own personal growing aims so you can build a healthier and more resilient growing space.

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Session leader: Dr Anton Rosenfeld

Research manager Anton has been with Garden Organic for more than 20 years. His work has included projects with commercial field-scale growers to small-scale community gardens and allotments. He has worked as a grower, run many training courses, and regularly writes for gardening magazines, including our own Organic Way members’ magazine. He has a passion for soils, composting and growing veg from a wide range of cultures.

Really enjoyed the session, I have definitely learned many things!

— Workshop Attendee
Anton Rosenfeld

Workshop prices

Member & Non Member
Member Early bird - £55 Member Standard - £60
Non Member Early bird - £60 Non Member Standard - £70

Our face-to-face workshops

Our hands-on workshops are based at our organic demonstration garden in Ryton, near Coventry, and offer in-depth techniques and advice. There is a relaxed and informal approach with plenty of opportunity for discussion and a blend of practical outdoor and classroom-based activities. Refreshments and light lunch are included. Supplementary resources are supplied at or following the session. Please bring waterproof shoes and suitable outdoor clothing, and a notebook and pencil.

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