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Who we are

Our sponsors

Garden Organic is incredibly grateful to the following companies, who support our work by encouraging more people to grow using organic and sustainable methods.
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HOTBIN Composting are a UK manufacturer on a mission to get more people composting.

The HOTBIN is a hot composter that recycles valuable food and garden waste into rich peat free compost to feed your garden. Operating at 40-60c, compost is produced in as little as 30-90 days, all year round without the need for accelerators or frequent turning of the contents.

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Andermatt Home and Garden

Andermatt offer a range of innovative, sustainable garden products, from plastic-free fleece and netting (BioFleece/InsectoNet), to a bug spray that doesn’t kill beneficial insects (BugNet). Biological pioneers since 1988, they started producing nematodes in 1989 and made the world’s first baculovirus against apple maggots, still in use today. They are one of the top 3 biological manufacturers in the world.

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First Tunnels

First Tunnels is an accredited UK based business that supplies premium polytunnels for both domestic and commercial customers, as well as fruit cages, polythene covers, and other quality accessories. With nearly 30 years of experience in the polytunnel game, First Tunnels is an authority in the UK’s gardening industry with a wealth of knowledge behind them.

Jongga logo


Best known for its refreshing, crunchy texture, artisanal taste, and significant health benefits, Jongga has brought its Korean kimchi to the world since 1987. As an international leader in plant-forward kimchi, Jongga values cabbage and other plants to make its delicious kimchi, and cares about the importance of preserving plant biodiversity to enable these nutritious vegetables to be enjoyed by generations to come.

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Melcourt is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of peat-free growing media, mulches, soil improvers, biofiltration media and more, based on bark, wood and other natural materials. A leader in innovation and quality for over four decades, Melcourt has invested in extensive research and development into peat-free growing media, offering gardeners some of the most effective media available in the UK. As founder members of the Responsible Sourcing of Growing Media Scheme, Melcourt can supply extensive information about the sustainability of their products.

My Organic logo

Mr Organic

Mr Organic pioneer delicious, plant-based, organic food cupboard staples, made with love for the planet! From their tasty sun-ripened Tomato Ketchup to their indulgent Dairy Free Chocolate Spreads, Mr Organic provides food for a more conscious way of living.

Viridian logo

Viridian Nutrition

Founded in 1999 Viridian Nutrition is a UK family-owned vitamin company with an organic heart. Its 220-plus range of specialty supplements, herbs, nutritional oils, tinctures & balms are formulated by qualified nutritionists and more than 75 products are certified organic by the Soil Association guaranteeing the eco-friendliness of the ingredients.