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Who we are

Our trustees

Our Board of Trustees sets the strategy and direction for the charity, its governance and financial wellbeing.
  1. Mark Mitchell, Garden Organic Trustee
    • Trustee

    Mark Mitchell - Vice-Chair

    Mark has over 20 years experience working for membership organisations. As As well as being a member of the travel Senior Leadership Team at Midcounties, he also oversees his own team of 6 managers across product, marketing, operations and revenue.

  2. David Robinson
    • Trustee

    David Robinson - Vice-Chair

    David has had a long-standing interest in the natural world and gardening following his work with Suttons Seeds.

  3. Alexander Adam
    • Trustee

    Adam Alexander - Vice-Chair

    Adam Alexander is Vice-Chair for the Garden Organic board of trustees. Adam has had a distinguished career as a producer of observational and narrative documentaries and is a skilled storyteller.

  4. Keith Arrowsmith
    • Trustee

    Keith Arrowsmith - Treasurer

    Keith first heard of Garden Organic when he helped set up Hereford Seed Swap in 2007. Since then, he's acquired a much deeper understanding of the natural environment and horticulture through his work.

  5. Sandford Amanda
    • Trustee

    Amanda Sandford

    For most of her career, Amanda has worked for a health charity in a policy development role, providing a good understanding of how charities are organised and managed. She has considerable experience of press and public relations work, including parliamentary lobbying.

  6. Angela Wright
    • Trustee

    Angela Wright - Chair

    Angela Wright is a senior quality manager in the NHS and is passionate about ensuring all members and communities have a chance to find out and be part of the charity's work.

  7. Joe McIndoe
    • Trustee

    Joe McIndoe

    Joe has worked in business development in the charity sector for more than 20 years, including with Groundwork UK.

  8. Rhiannon Davies
    • Trustee

    Rhiannon Davies

    Rhiannon has a strong background in senior Communications and Marketing roles for not-for-profit organisations. She has worked with a number of environmentally focused charities including Groundwork UK, Sustrans, Bristol Energy and the Soil Association.

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    • Trustee

    Catherine Dawson

    Catherine has worked in peat-free growing media for more than three decades, and continues to be actively involved in the new Responsible Sourcing of Growing Media Scheme.

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    • Trustee

    Nicola Hope

    Nikki runs an organic gardening consultancy and garden design service. She holds the title of Royal Horticultural Society Master of Horticulture and has a diploma in professional garden design from the Cotswold Gardening School.