Wooden compost bins at Ryton gardens

Introduction to composting online course

About the course

Compost is the grower’s black gold and at the heart of all organic growing. This course will introduce you to the composting process and help you to create great compost – the organic way.

Compost is the grower’s black gold and at the heart of organic growing. It feeds the soil and gives it good structure. It also keeps plants healthy and nourished. It’s easy to make, and it’s free!

Home composting is the cheapest and the most environmentally friendly, sustainable way to manage your garden waste

It produces a nutrient rich soil enhancer for your garden which helps your plants grow better

There are no garden waste bins to remember to put out for collection and the more people who home compost, the fewer collection vehicles are required to collect garden waste and fewer lorry loads being transported to commercial composting sites reducing your carbon footprint.

This course will help you to create your own compost – the organic way.


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Cost [non member]: £25

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