These pink-tinged fleshy root vegetables are easy to grow and a good source of vitamin C. Pick when they're babies for a sweeter flavour. The leaves can also be used as greens.
Growing calendar
Sow outdoors Mar - mid Apr
Harvest Mid May - Nov

How to grow turnips

Regularly sow turnip seed 1cm deep in rows 15-20cm apart from March. Thin spring-sown seedlings to 10cm, and 15cm for summer-sown maincrop turnip varieties.

Remove weeds by hand to avoid competition. Water well in dry weather for tender roots and to avoid bolting (early flowering). Roots may split if the plants are left dry for too long and then watered.

Harvesting turnips

Turnips are ready to eat from golfball size for early sown varieties, and larger for maincrop varieties. They're best pulled up as and when they're needed rather than harvesting all at once and storing, just be aware that they may become woody towards the end of the harvesting time.

You can also eat turnip leaves as the plants will regrow many times. Select 15cm tall young leaves.

Growing notes
Difficulty Easy
Germination time 6-10 days
Average time to harvest 6 weeks (early); 12 (maincrop)
Equipment needed None
Average plant size 20cm tall, 20cm wide
Family group Brassica: cabbage, kolh rabi
Key nutritional content Vitamin C
Seed saving notes Biennial, needs isolation