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How to manage weeds on hard surfaces

There are three effective organic ways to rid patios, paths and other hard surfaces of weeds.
Weeding tomatoes by hand
If you are creating a new path or patio, minimise weed growth using an impenetrable foundation layer

If you have an existing area of hard surface, you can rid it of weeds in one of the following ways:

  1. Carefully pour boiling water over them
  2. Remove them by hand with a sharp knife or trowel
  3. Use a flame or thermal weeder. These are particularly effective on young weeds.

You will need to repeat methods 1 to 3 every so often to keep on top of the weeds.

If you are creating a new path or patio, to minimise weed growth in future, make an impenetrable foundation layer: a geotextile membrane or a substantial mix of hardcore rubble and sand, firmly flattened to exclude all light and reduce moisture.