field beans

Field beans prefer heavier clay soil

How to grow field beans | Growing Guides
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Field beans are quick to establish and fix nitrogen in their roots, feeding the next crop after digging in. Field beans thrive in heavy clay soil.
Growing calendar
Sow outdoors Sep - Nov
Cut down/dig in Feb - Apr

How to grow field beans

Sow field beans 2cm deep and 10cm apart, in rows 15cm apart. Field beans will establish quickly. They are excellent nitrogen fixers, but make sure you cut them down before they start growing actual beans, as this takes the nitrogen away.

Incorporating field beans into your soil

Cut down or hoe off the leaves of your field beans before digging in the whole plants four weeks before the soil is needed for your next crop and before flowering, which happens when the plants are about 30-45cm tall.

Tips on growing field beans

If you are following a crop rotation system, field beans should be grown in the same area as other legume plants.

Growing notes
Difficulty Easy
Average growing period From 20 weeks
Equipment needed None
Germination time 7-14 days
Average plant size 30-45cm tall, 20cm wide
Seed saving notes Annual, self-pollinating
Latin name Vicia faba
Family group (for rotation systems) Legumes