Hungarian Grazing Rye

Hungarian grazing rye

Hungarian grazing rye improves drainage in clay soils

green manures
Hungarian grazing rye suits most soils. It's a vigorous grower and is the best green manure for stopping nutrients leaching from the soil over winter. It is also great at suppressing weeds and improving draining in clay soils.
Growing calendar
Sow outdoors Aug - Oct
Cut down/dig in Apr

How to grow Hungarian grazing rye

Sow Hungarian grazing rye seed at 18g per square metre by scattering them on the surface of your soil, then rake and tamp (press) down.

You can also sow Hungarian grazing rye in rows 15cm apart.

Incorporating into your soil

Cut down or mow before flowering (look out for buds which form at the base of the plant) or when about 45cm tall, then dig in the whole plant from April. Hungarian grazing rye can inhibit germination of your next crop up to six weeks after digging in so make sure you allow plenty of time before you use the soil again.

Tips on growing Hungarian grazing rye

If you are following a crop rotation system you can grow Hungarian grazing rye within any parts of the rotation.

Growing notes
Difficulty Easy
Average growing period From 24 weeks
Equipment needed None
Germination time 7-14 days
Average plant size 45cm tall, 20cm wide
Seed saving notes Annual, self-pollinating
Latin name Secale cereale