Food Growing in Schools - Taskforce Report

In March 2012, Caroline Spelman MP, Secretary of State for Defra, launched the publication of the Food Growing in Schools Taskforce Report. The Taskforce, led by Garden Organic, highlights compelling evidence that proves food growing in schools helps support children achieve, builds life and employability skills, and improves their health and well-being.

The Taskforce consisted of 25 representatives with interests and expertise in the delivery of food growing in schools. It included leaders and practitioners from schools, charities, corporate providers, voluntary and community organisations, the media and government departments including Defra, Health, and Education.

The Taskforce engaged with over 150 organisations and schools and used data from an independent, national survey of 1,300 schools carried out to produce the final Report and Recommendations.

The Taskforce has made six key recommendations for the future to help realise the vision of every school being a food growing school.

  • A national campaign celebrating food growing in schools

  • A policy emphasis on food growing in schools

  • A food growing in schools online hub

  • Business commitments to support food growing in schools

  • Promotion of food growing by school leadership teams

  • Improved links between food growing in schools and food-related careers

The Executive Summary of the Food Growing in Schools - Taskforce Report can be accessed using the link here. The Full Report is also available.