A flowering coriander plant that has attracted bees.


Coriander flowers are popular with beneficial insects

How to grow Coriander | Growing Guides
Coriander is a versatile herb, its leaves, stalks and seeds are used in many different cuisines. Coriander flowers are very popular with beneficial insects including hoverflies.
Growing calendar
Sow outdoors Apr - Jun
Harvest Jun - Sep

How to grow coriander

Regularly sow coriander seed 0.5cm deep then thin seedlings to 5cm apart if you're growing for leaves, or 20cm apart if you're growing for seeds.

Choose well-drained soil in a sunny site.

Young broad coriander leaves can have an unpleasant smell so avoid growing indoors. The scent can repel aphids and carrot root fly. Stake flowering stems for support.

Harvesting and using coriander

Pick young coriander leaves before flowering for use fresh. Gather aromatic coriander seeds after the seedheads ripen in summer. Ripening can be sudden so keep a close eye on them.

Tips on growing coriander

  • Coriander plants dislike being transplanted.
Growing notes
Difficulty Moderate
Germination time 7-21 days
Average time to harvest 8 weeks (leaves), 16 weeks (seed)
Equipment needed Stakes
Average plant size 60cm tall, 20 cm wide
Family group to grow with Apiaceae: chervil, dill
Seed saving notes Annual, can cross pollinate
Key nutritional content Fresh leaves contain vitamins A and C, calcium, iron.