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How to grow Cucumber | Growing Guides
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Cucumbers will happily grow in the UK, giving you a prolific crop during the summer months.
Growing calendar
Sow indoors Mid Mar - mid Apr
Plant out/transplant Mid May
Harvest Jul - Sep

How to grow indoor cucumbers

Regularly sow cucumber seed in pots, 1.5cm deep on their side. Transplant into large pots as they grow.

Keep the soil moist. Tie side shoots to wires or net and remove growing tips two leaves beyond each fruit to encourage the plant to focus its energy on growing the fruit.

Harvesting cucumbers

Cut (not pull) cucumbers when they are a reasonable size and the sides have grown parallel. Yellow fruit are overripe (unless a specific yellow varieties) and will stop the plant producing fruit if not removed.

Tips on growing cucumbers

Ventilate the greenhouse and spray the floor with water to keep the air humid.

Growing notes
Difficulty Trickier
Germination time 3-5 days
Average time to harvest 12 weeks
Equipment needed Stakes, twine, wires or net
Average plant size 2m tall; side shoots 60cm
Family group to grow with Cucurbits: pumpkin, squashes
Seed saving notes Specialist
Key nutritional content Low calorie complement