French Marigold flowers

French marigold

Planted underneath indoor tomatoes, French marigold plants can deter garden pests such as whitefly.
Growing calendar
Sow indoors Apr - mid May
Plant out/transplant End May - Mid Jun
Harvest Jun - Sep

How to grow French marigolds

Sow French marigold seed 0.5cm deep in pots and transplant seedlings when growing strongly to 20cm apart. Choose a sunny site with fertile soil.

Water French marigolds in prolonged periods of dry weather. Remove seed heads. Leaves are aromatic.

Harvesting and using French marigolds

Pick French marigold flowers just after they open, removing the white part from the petal where it attaches to the flower as this can be bitter.

Tips for growing French marigolds

Keep picking to encourage more flowers.

Growing notes
Difficulty Easy
Germination time 7-14 days
Average time to harvest From 8 weeks
Equipment needed None
Average plant size 15-30cm tall and wide
Family group to grow with Asteraceae: lettuce, chicory
Seed saving notes Annual, can cross-pollinate
Key nutritional content Low calorie complement