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Mint has to be one of the most popular and versatile herbs to cook with - great in sweet and savoury dishes alike. Mint is very easy to grow, in fact once it's going it can be hard to stop, so we recommend growing in a container to help keep it under control.
Growing calendar
Plant out/transplant Mar - May
Harvest Apr - Sep

How to grow mint

Plant bought mint or insert ‘root cuttings’ 3cm deep in pots, ie dig up established plants and cut away 5cm long roots. Choose well drained fertile soil in sunny site.

Cut mint back to encourage fresh growth. Dig up and split plants every three years.

Harvesting and use

Pick mint leaves before flowering for use fresh or to dry or freeze. Don’t plant different mints together as flavours can mix. Will crop year after year.

Tips on growing mint

Grow mint in pots to confine plant spread (or sink large bottomless pot into soil with 4cm lip).

Growing notes
Difficulty Easy
Germination time Cuttings sprout in 2 weeks
Average time to harvest 12 weeks from cuttings
Equipment needed Large pot
Average plant size 60cm tall, width indefinite
Family group to grow with Lamiaceae: basil, sage
Key nutritional content Fresh - calcium, iron, vitamin C, vitamin A