2018 DNA Fingerprinting Scheme launched for apples, pears and cherries

The fruitID.com project has announced that following the success of their schemes in 2016 and 2017, they are offering DNA analysis of Apple, Pear and Cherry fruit trees for 2018 at £26 plus VAT per sample.
Malus Charlie Ross apple

The world-renowned research organisation NIAB-EMR at East Malling in Kent, will provide the DNA analysis through their laboratory, East Malling Services Ltd: the National Fruit Collection will review the results; and Peter Laws of fruitID.com will administer the scheme.

Any individual or organisation based in the U.K. or Eire is welcome to participate, and those from elsewhere can get involved by arrangement. The project team are encouraging Orchard Groups to coordinate activity within their areas.

To take part, simply decide on the exact number of apple, pear and cherry samples you wish to submit. There is no minimum order quantity. Then download and complete the Sample Bag Request Form available at www.fruitid.com and email it to peter_laws@msn.com by 23rd June 2018.

You will be notified of any matching fingerprint data. If you sample is unmatched, you still get the fingerprint data and can participate in discussions for naming the variety.

For further information, including details of timings, please visit www.fruitid.com.