Demonstration Garden Update

Upon the completion of the sale of Ryton my team and I were excited to be able to start work on the new demonstration garden. Whilst it is considerably smaller, the chance to begin something from scratch encompassing all of the organic principles was a challenge the team and our volunteers were really relishing.

As you are all aware our hope was to have the new garden open for visits and education from spring this year, however we have been overwhelmed by problems from the start. We have had more hardcore to contend with than a builders' yard, the wettest February on record and then to finish us off the coronavirus. Needless to say this has not been the most auspicious of starts!

However, it has not been all doom and gloom as you can see from the photos lots of work has already been accomplished. All unnecessary structures including walls and huts have been taken down, the main wall has been painted twice and the new shed is in situ and in full working order. All of the hardcore in the half of the garden which will house the fruit and vegetable section has been removed and now replaced with organically approved soil improver and our own compost, leaf mould and top soil. Our nursery bed is up and running as are our compost bays which have already been turned. We now have three lots of hedging in, Yew, Thuja and bird friendly british natives. The fruit trees are also in place and the Alitex has been cleaned - who knew it was actually white!

Unfortunately we have had to leave the garden to survive on its own in line with the government guidelines but we are still full of enthusiasm and can’t wait to get back to complete it. All we ask is that you bear with us in these unprecedented conditions and we will of course keep you fully updated as to when the garden will be ready to be unveiled.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Happy Gardening
Emma O’Neill - Head Gardener.