EU decision on glyphosate deferred

A committee of EU experts and ministers met this week to decide whether to renew the licence for glyphosate. With opposition from environmental groups, and some member states such as France, Netherlands, Sweden and Germany, the vote was deferred. The committee are under pressure as the current licence expires in June.
Four Bindweed Flowers

Glyphosate is a commonly used herbicide (weedkiller) that has been classified as being potentially carcinogenic. It is usually mixed with other chemicals to create a toxic cocktail. Roundup is a well known example.

Its use as a weed killer also affects the natural environment in which it is used - it can permeate the soil, run off into water systems, as well as kill the flowers and weeds used by pollinating and beneficial insects. It can also be traced in the food we consume, in fact over 30% of the bread in the UK contains traces of glyphosate.

"Garden Organic strongly opposes the use of toxic chemicals, " says James Campbell, Chief Executive. "To use glyphosate formulations, such as Roundup, is to poison the soil, the wildlife and ourselves. It is totally contrary to our organic growing beliefs."

As we become aware of the EU's decision making process, we will keep you informed of updates and how you can get involved in our campaign to ban this toxic chemical.

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