GMO worries

  • Last updated: 30 November 2022
Under EU regulations, any genetically modified (GM) ingredients in our food have to be listed on the packaging. But, as we prepare to leave the EU, our right to make an informed choice about what we are buying and eating is under threat.
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Whatever your thoughts on genetic engineering in plants – and the organic view is against it for a variety of reasons (see our helpful GMOs web pages) - it is important that we know what we are buying. Indeed the new Prime Minister has already worryingly stated that he plans to ‘liberate’ the UK from GM regulations. This is probably to align us with the US approach to GM crops which is far more relaxed, and opens the way US trade deals. Or a massive increase in growing herbicide-tolerant grain which has been genetically engineered by agrichemical corporations such as Bayer (Monsanto).
Garden Organic is supporting the current action Don’t Hide What’s Inside our Food, to ensure that post-Brexit regulations include clear labelling. We urge members to sign the petition, organised by GM Freeze, and write to their MPs.

Further information on GMO's, plus links to the latest research, see