It's time to take action for insects

The Wildlife Trust, supported by Garden Organic and a number of other charities, has just launched a new report ‘Reversing the Decline of Insects’, highligting the critical state of insect population decline. And shows how all of us, wherever we live, can take action to bring back insects.

Everyone, everywhere, is being asked to become an insect champion.

Why has the report been published?
This is a critical time for insects. There is evidence of their sharp fall in numbers which is serious because much of our life depends on them – our food chain, our wildlife, the whole terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems are dependent on them.

Insect numbers are directly threated by the use of pesticides. We know that current discussions on potential world trade deals threaten to increase the use of insect-harming pesticides (see our recent news of the Toxic Trade Report) but it’s not just farmers who use pesticides. Gardeners and growers throughout the country use unquantified amounts of toxic pesticides in their gardens, allotments and homes.

How can we help?
The report gives examples of farmers, communities, councils and charities that are boosting insect populations and proving that it can be done.

“We know that many Garden Organic members would like to take action to help insects,” says James Campbell, Chief Executive of Garden Organic. “This excellent report show us all how to support them in our growing areas. Organic gardeners know that leaving some areas wild, and mixed planting, provides havens for insects to thrive.”

See here for information on which plants can support and attract beneficial insects into your growing area.

Insects are the canaries in the coal mine, their collapse is an alarm bell that we must not ignore." Professor Dave Goulson of the University of Sussex.

Craig Bennett, chief executive of The Wildlife Trusts says: “In my lifetime 41% of wildlife species in UK have suffered strong or moderate decreases in their numbers and insects have suffered most. This has had a huge effect on the rest of the natural world. The vital role that insects perform is undermined and everything that depends on them suffers, from hedgehogs to nightingales, wildflowers to wetlands.

“We want to see an ambitious pesticide reduction target and at least 30% of land being managed for nature so that insects can become abundant once more. We’re calling on everyone to take action for insects and become an insect champion.”

Reversing the Decline of Insects report can be downloaded here.
You can also download a free guide on Taking Action for Insects. You’ll receive information and tips on insect-friendly gardening,