Join Gardenwatch survey

Gardenwatch is a nationwide citizen science project, led by the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology). The aim is to create a picture of gardens across the country, and how they contribute to wildlife species. From bats to birds, worms and mammals, the survey asks who you share your garden with. Do you see foxes, squirrels and rabbits? Do you (or your neighbour) have a cat or dog? Have you got shelter for nesting birds or hedgehogs?

The project is a massive garden audit - building up a picture of the resources available for wildlife in gardens up and down the country, and surveying some of the wild visitors they attract. As towns and cities become more densely populated and expand into the wider countryside, gardens are becoming an increasingly vital refuge for wildlife. And, as it's estimated that the UK’s gardens cover a larger area than Suffolk, they have become a key part of our nature reserves.

You have until July 31st to enter the survey here.
Why not use one of the text boxes to explain that you are an organic grower, and encouraging wildlife is an important part of your growing area!