Make a recycled bird feeder

Elaine Goold, our Edible Playground lead and Knowledge Transfer Officer, shows you how to make a recycled bird feeder – just in time for Big Schools’ Birdwatch (6 January-20 February) and Big Garden Birdwatch (27-29 January)!
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Reuse plastic bottles and fruit trays to help feed garden birds this winter

You will need:

A fruit tray with holes in the base

A small plastic bottle

String and scissors


How to make it:

  • Cut a hole in the centre of the tray just big enough for the cap of the bottle to fit through.
  • Cut some small holes in the neck of the bottle.
  • Fill with bird seed. Use a roll of paper in the neck of the bottle as a funnel to help you fill it and waste less food.
  • Thread the string through the holes in the tray and under the lid of the bottle.
  • Tie a knot tightly at the base of the bottle (now the top of your bird feeder). Make sure it’s snug to the bottle as this will keep the bottle in place.
  • Add another piece of string to the top of your bottle so you can hang it up. Hang in the garden near some trees or shelter, and away from predators like cats.