MYHarvest returns

This popular research project is back! Giving you a chance to record just how much you grow in your veg patch.
Hosted by Sheffield University, the aim of the project is to record the quantities of home grown fruit and vegetables across the UK. There is little to no data on exactly how much UK amateur growers produce. And yet we know how important it is to grow your own - for a healthy diet, sense of well-being and ultimately, food security.
Whether you grow in an allotment, back garden or on a balcony, you can join in. Simply sign up and record your harvest - right down to the individual potato.
"The beauty of this research project is its simplicity," says Sarah Brown, Garden Organic's Growing Advice Editor. "You weigh as you pick, and enter your totals online. So you don't have to wait until you have harvested all your veg, you can record that handful of peas you picked for lunch."
Go on - sign up now. And we think you'll be thrilled to watch your totals grow.