October podcast - listen now!

Rampant squashes, late colour and bumper chilli harvests - autumn has definitely arrived. Learn how to sow green manures and microgreens, and meet Stephanie Slater, CEO of School Food Matters.
Green manures members experiment
Anton shares how to sow green manures in the October podcast

Chris and Fiona discuss the highlights of the season, and what’s keeping them busy on the plot, including planting bulbs, looking after dahlias and sowing microgreens for indoor crops.

Fiona shares her tips for making and using chilli oil, including a rather strange combination of peanut butter and chilli oil on toast – if you’ve tried it let us know your verdict!

Chris chats to Stephanie Slater, Founder and CEO of charity School Food Matters. We hear Stephanie’s inspiration behind setting up the charity, the fantastic outcomes they’ve already achieved, and what they plan for the future to connect school children to the food they eat.

“I have the easiest Chief Exec job around, I go to people and I say: Is it a good idea to serve children fabulous tasty nutritious food, yes or no? Is it a good idea that we expose children to the joys of outdoor learning and learning to grow their own food and become skilled individuals and skilled adults? There aren't many people who are going to say no."

Finally, Anton and Chris answer listener questions, including splitting tomatoes, green manures for No Dig growers and organic options for playing field maintenance.

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