One man & his organic plot - August 2019

I always feel in August that we’ve entered the calendar’s equivalent of the doldrums. Fewer people are about and all the real hard graft on the allotment in the earlier part of the year now subsides.
Vegetables grown at Ryton gardens

However, there is one job that is keeping everybody occupied – harvesting our bounty! The amount of food coming off the allotment site I belong to is incredible: cucumbers, courgettes, carrots, potatoes are in abundance, and after a slow start, even the runner beans have caught up. I know it's the one thing growers of fresh organic food always go on about, but it has to be said again, the taste of this produce really is second to none, there is no comparison to shop bought food. The Collins residence is now enjoying fresh veg soups, Sunday dinners with roast tatties that have been dug on the same day and ample fresh salads. It is indeed, happy days, and all that hard work earlier in the year now becomes so worthwhile.

Out and about with Garden Organic has been great fun over the last month, and I was proud to be a part of our Heritage Seed Library Edible Allotment at the Tatton Flower Show. I tip my hat to Emma, GO’s Head Gardener, and her team, plus our own Comms team, who really did produce the goods. Their huge efforts led to a great success, recognised by the media and all the show visitors – who clustered round our little stand like bees to a honey pot. I feel it’s important we are out and about and represented at such events. It’s like a shop window which helps keep the charity’s name out there.

On another note of success the Garden Organic podcast goes from strength to strength. This month’s episode, on the subject of organic food, has some great science in it – sorting out the anti-oxidants from the free radicals - and I recommend you give it a listen here.

August is the month to take a break from the usual routines and grab a holiday. London seems to almost empty out (except the busy tourist spots). This is a great time for a native Londoner like me, I can get around and have a look at the places I usually don't have time to see – such as some of the great parks. The City has just become a National Park city and it’s good to see that we are once again taking these important communal spaces seriously. It also provides a chance to state the case for organic practices, including communal composting areas and food growing.

For those of you on your hols, enjoy, relax and re-charge. As I sit in my balcony garden, soaking up its beauty in its summer peak, the two words that come to mind are - happy gardening!