One small step can make a difference - join us for Organic September 2020

One small step can make a difference - join us for Organic September 2020.

We're excited to celebrate being organic and work with nature to ensure a better future for us all. Follow us throughout September as we provide you with ideas of simple affordable changes you can make to 'Go Organic' as every small action can make a difference. It starts with your outdoor space, whether it's a garden, allotment or balcony.

You can help make great changes by making some really simple switches for Organic September. Here are some of our top ideas to get you started:

  • Buy peat free compost. Peat comes from an ancient habitat, which would take 1000s of years to restore – something we can never do in our or our children’s lifetimes. Extracting the peat destroys rare wildlife and their support systems. Always choose a compost which is ‘peat free’ and has the organic symbol.
  • Avoid using toxic slug pellets. Most slug pellets contain the poison metaldehyde – which can kill pets and other animals if ingested. If you have to use pellets, make sure they are certified for organic use.
  • Conserve water. Organic growing means being careful with natural resources. Reduce your own water footprint by conserving water where possible, using waterbutts and grey water. Use it carefully – watering the soil, not the plant.
  • Love your weeds! They often provide vital food for pollinators such as bees and butterflies. You can manage weeds by pulling them out by hand. Destroy the roots, but add the valuable foliage to your compost heap. Just don’t use toxic chemicals. (And if you want to keep your hard surfaces clear, make the weeds a cup of tea! Pour some boiling water on them, when making your own cuppa.)
  • Bring wildlife into your garden. Mix your flowers and vegetables so the blossoms attract pollinators; leave some relaxed areas as habitats for insects and small animals; plant shrubs and trees for birds to shelter in; build a pond for frogs and dragonflies.

If you're new to organic growing why not purchase a copy of our Principles of Organic Gardening. This simple booklet is the go-to publication for many organic growers. It takes you through the five fundamental principles of organic growing.


Hear from our Garden Organic experts!
Book your place on our online Principles of Organic Gardening webinar. We'll guide you through the five steps to organic gardening with the expertise of Dr.Anton Rosenfeld, our Knowledge Transfer Officer.

And don't forget to visit the Go Organic website to find out more about other organic lifestyle changes you can make to support the campaign.

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