Shop organically for that special Christmas gift

Here at Garden Organic, we've had fun dipping into some of our partners' winter gifts catalogue and sending Santa our wish list. Here’s what we chose:
Bee resting on pink coloured echinacea
Zoe, Commercial Manager, has her eye on the organic, super hydrating Rose face balm, perfect for chilly windy days. It's perfectly packaged with the gorgeous smelling body moisturiser.
Hannah, Head of Marketing, is a little bolder in her choices. "I would love a walk-in fruit cage, tool shed and greenhouse, but I think perhaps asking for all that might be a bit cheeky. I would happily settle on a lovely traditional bell glass cloche and then perhaps a nice bottle of organic sparkling wine from our partners Vinceremos to drink while I try and decide which of my plants is precious enough to go under it!
Emma, Head Gardener, is channelling her Peaky Blinders look with the new Twool products, including this fabulous black pinstripe cap.
Finally, Sarah, our Growing Advice Editor and podcast supremo, is as practical as ever and says "I find I get through gloves very quickly. Irritatingly it is often just the right hand which wears through, probably from too much gravel path weeding! These gloves look strong but nimble (Editor: just like their owner!) and I think they'll last a long time."
To choose your Christmas presents, go to Garden Organic members get 10% off!
If you're looking for something for your wardrobe rather than your garden, don't forget to have a look at our 100% organic cotton tshirts, tops, bags and tea towels. You can view the range here.
And finally, if you're looking for an organic wine, cider or tipple for your Christmas lunch or party then why not take a look at our partner Vinceremos Organic Wines.