The August podcast is here!

This month we have a bumper harvest of podcasts – not just one, but two! They are both on the theme of organic food. We know it tastes better, especially if you grow it yourself, but is it better for you?
Vegetables grown at Ryton gardens

Chris and Sarah discuss the evidence, and they are joined by chefs and scientists with recipes and ideas. We hear about the benefits of kiwi fruit, beetroot brownies, and how to tell your anti-oxidants from the free radicals.

An added bonus this month is the first of our ‘unpruned’ podcast interviews. This is when our guest chats at length on a subject close to their heart, and the topic is too important or too riveting for us to press the edit button. In gardening terms, you could say we are happy to leave their words unpruned! Our first guest is Prof Tim Lang, Garden Organic’s President. He talks about food policy, and the vital role the food industry plays in our health, society, the environment and the economy. We discuss the paradox of malnutrition and obesity. Can the world feed 10 billion people without damaging ecosystems? It’s an exclusive and deeply personal interview.

Listen to both episodes here

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