The Organic Gardening Podcast - January

Join Fiona Taylor as she chats to Adam Alexander, aka 'The Seed Detective', in a special New Year episode.
Alexander Adam

Seed collector and horticulturist Adam Alexander reveals why seed saving and sharing is so important in our January podcast.

Adam has been collecting rare, endangered, local and heirloom vegetable varieties for more than 30 years and now has a collection of more than 500 seeds.

"I always encourage people to save their own seeds," says Adam. "There's lots of very, very good reasons to do it. When you do it year-after-year-after-year, you breed in resilience and local adaptation, and maintain genetic diversity, which we're going to need if we want a resilient future of food production."

As a volunteer Seed Guardian for our Heritage Seed Library, and self-confessed seed nut, Adam shares stories of his travels around the world, his love of vegetables and talks about his new book.

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