The Organic Gardening Podcast - July

In this month’s podcast, our Head Gardener Emma O’Neill gives us a backstage tour of her brilliant Backyard Biodiversity Garden at Gardeners’ World Live – and the takeaways to use in your garden.
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Emma O’Neill chats to Fiona Taylor about the idea behind our Backyard Biodiversity Garden

We shared lots of ideas for making your garden more climate-change resilient at Gardeners’ World Live. And just in case you missed the show, our CEO Fiona goes behind the scenes with Emma to find out more about her silver award-winning garden design.

Emma talks to Fiona about the benefits of permeable paths and gravel gardens for absorbing run off. And growing a short flowering lawn – with beneficial plants - for attracting insects. She shares how low hedges of lavender and herbs can function as pollinator corridors and discusses wildlife habitats that can be slotted into a small garden.

Also in this episode

Chris and Fiona chat about the value of front gardens, conserving water and the importance of nurturing your soil.

And from the postbag, you can learn how to use nematodes, prevent blossom end rot and when to harvest your garlic.

If you’re feeling inspired and would like more ideas from our Backyard Biodiversity garden, head to our blog.

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