The Organic Gardening Podcast – July

  • Last updated: 4 July 2024
We catch up with gardener and writer Sally Nex this Plastic Free July to find out how she recommends cutting back on plastic in your growing space.
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What do bed sheets, hessian and bacteria have in common? They might help us reduce the amount of plastic we use in our veg plots!

Award-winning author, gardener, peat- and plastic-free advocate Sally Nex shares fascinating advice for reducing, reusing and recycling the 500 million pots, seed trays, and other bits of plastic we get through in our gardens every year in the UK.

“When we chip a pot and it goes directly into our soil, it's going to stay there for the next 400 years,” says Sally. “Experiments have shown that earthworms, which are living in soils high in microplastics, lose weight and soil biodiversity is a fraction of what it is in clean soils.”

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