The Organic Gardening Podcast March

In this special episode for Food Waste Action Week (18-24 March), we offer the ultimate guide to composting!
Wooden compost bins at Ryton gardens

To celebrate Food Waste Action Week (18-24 March), Chris Collins and David Garrett join Fiona to bust the myths around composting. If you want to know how, why and what to compost this is a must-listen.

David, our head of knowledge transfer at Garden Organic, shares the reasons he loves compost, and talks through the different composting systems at our organic demonstration garden, and how to use them.

“We're producing kitchen waste at home so why not process it ourselves and produce compost? It's a circular economy in our own homes,” says David. “We're taking ownership of the waste and not relying on someone else to deal with it for us.”

Also in this episode…Chris and Fiona chat about what to sow and plant now and how to care for your pond.

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