The Organic Gardening Podcast - May

Chris Collins chats to Nick Hamilton – son of organic gardening pioneer Geoff Hamilton.
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In this month’s Organic Gardening Podcast, we find out about the gardening journey of Nick Hamilton and life at his beloved Barnsdale Gardens.

We’ve always had a close relationship with the gardens and Nick, a former Garden Organic trustee, and shared many planting schemes and plant cuttings over the years. Our ‘Paradise Garden’ (now part of Coventry University) ­- with its pergolas and pond - was built to commemorate Nick’s father and TV gardener Geoff.

More than 25 years ago, Nick had what seemed like an impossible task – taking over a collection of 30 or so organic gardens designed for television and turning them into a visitor attraction aimed at inspiring people to grow organically. In 2023, Barnsdale marked its 40th anniversary.

“I don't have any problem with people referring to me as the son of Geoff as I'm very proud to be his son. The gardens are his legacy…and still rolling on today,” says Nick. “I want to continue to show organic gardening is not complicated or difficult - it's easy! And because you're working in tandem with nature, nature helps you along the way.”

Also in this episode…

Chris and Fiona chat about our Every Garden Matters research paper – showing small steps in any size garden can have a positive impact on biodiversity. And from the postbag, we tackle how to safely dispose of laurel debris and old garden pesticides, and discuss whether we should feed birds all year round.

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