The Organic Gardening Podcast - September

In this month’s podcast, Fiona chats to environmentalist Jane Davidson – our new Vice President - about the impact of climate change on her life and her gardening.
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Chris discusses how to bring a pop of autumn colour to your garden

In a fascinating discussion for our September Organic Gardening Podcast, the former Welsh Government minister shares her organic gardening trials and triumphs in North Pembrokeshire, and the importance of the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act, which she spearheaded.

“We’ve lost 70 per cent of species in my lifetime…and we’re likely to exceed the crucial 1.5 degrees this year - and that's a massive wake-up call,” says Jane, who is Chair of Wales Net Zero 2035. “I'm absolutely passionate about the idea that if we teach young children about the value of nature, then we actually breed habits that can sustain forevermore.

In her own garden, Jane explains how and why she and her husband grow as much of their own food without pesticides. And how she’s been inspired by our founder Lawrence Hills.

“We have a quite traditional Lawrence Hills style 26 raised beds,” she says. “And when you talk about having a muddy book in your back pocket while you’re gardening – it’s always a Lawrence Hills’ book!”

Also in this episode

Fiona and Chris discuss the effect of this year’s changeable weather on their gardens and crops, looking at what’s done well and what hasn’t.

Chris shares insights into tomato blight, and how to bring a pop of autumn colour into your planting schemes. And from the postbag, Anton discusses harvesting carrots and parsnips and autumn seed sowing, including salad leaves to grow now.

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