The Prince of Wales’ Terra Carta

The Prince of Wales, the patron of Garden Organic, has launched his defining Terra Carta. A charter that asks businesses to put the natural world's sustainability at the heart of their actions.

Any organisation that signs up to the charter agrees to nearly 100 actions, in order to become more sustainable by 2030. These include supporting international agreements on the climate, biodiversity and desertification, backing efforts to protect half of the planet by 2050 and make investment consistent with a low-greenhouse gas emission future.

The charter aims to raise $10bn (£7bn) to invest in nature by 2022 through the newly-created Natural Capital Investment Alliance.

“I hope to bring prosperity into harmony with nature, people and planet over the coming decade,” says Prince Charles.

“I can only encourage, in particular, those in industry and finance to provide practical leadership to this common project, as only they are able to mobilise the innovation, scale and resources that are required to transform our global economy.”

“If we consider the legacy of our generation, more than 800 years ago, Magna Carta inspired a belief in the fundamental rights and liberties of people. As we strive to imagine the next 800 years of human progress, the fundamental rights and value of nature must represent a step-change in our ‘future of industry’ and ‘future of economy’ approach.”

Garden Organic warmly endorses the charter. “We know that living and working in harmony with the natural world is vital if we are to protect it,” says Chief Executive, James Campbell. “Gardens may not be businesses, but using organic principles to protect an area even as small as a back garden can still contribute to the Prince’s aims.”